Win Mitu's board

From the F-ONE 2022 trip in Baja California.

To mark the release of our film trip: Los Siete en Baja, we decided to make you win THE board used and signed by Mitu during the trip. After having faced the sun and the waves of Baja California this mythical board is ready for new adventures.

To participate in the giveaway, please follow these steps:

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  2. Watch Los Siete on YouTube
  3. Screenshot the moment when Mitu is watching the sunset after his double barrel session
  4. Post it on Instagram in your feed or story using @fonekites and using the #winmitusboard


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Legend's Surfboard
Baja California Certified
Museum Piece

Technical Specifications

Win Mitu's board 2

A Baja California’s surf story


It has been more than 10 years now since Mitu Monteiro joined the F-ONE family.

As an athlete, rider and tester, his experience and expertise have quickly made him one of the key contributors to the design of the F-ONE surfboards.  It is in Baja California that the Mitu Pro carbon was validated by Mitu. Its new shape did wonders in the double barels of bahia asuncion, taking the feeling of pure surfing to the next level.


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The MITU has been known for its super agile and reactive outline. Its distinct swallow tail makes it very easy to initiate turns and carve with.

The shape has been improved this year with lateral flat sections on the bottom as well as a flat section on the bottom between your front and back foot.
The rocker line allows a better edge control and an overall improved feeling in all conditions.

This year, volume, stability and float are perfectly balanced for a board which surfs better than never before. The board smoothes out rough situations and makes you ride longer.

For strapless airs, the Carbon construction is light and sticks to your feet. Its high speed ability, its planing and stability makes it a fantastic strapless freestyle board.

The largest sizes have a bit more emphasis on the planing ability and general stability, while the smaller sizes have more focus on maneuverability. All share the same shape features, with their specific outline to make the most of the wave’s energy.

The MITU PRO CARBON uses the HD foam carbon construction where the use of carbon fiber allows a lighter structure and therefore a lighter board to bring your strapless riding to the next level. Mixing HD foam with carbon fiber and some deck stringers for durability, we have designed some boards that will fulfil the most demanding riders.

Equipped with three Futures boxes, the boards come with a set of F-ONE FLOW RTM fins.


    This sandwich construction (high density foam + fiberglass + carbon) provides the boards with a strong resistance and a lighter weight.

    The carbon fibers are laid +45° and -45° onto the board therefore avoiding any fibers at 0° to preserve the flex of the board whilst achieving higher mechanical performances. This construction improves the weight/resistance ratio of Carbon Series models which clearly feature among the lightest and best performing boards on the market.


    The RTM CARBON Technology benefits from the regular RTM process and its distinctive sharp feel on the water.
    In the carbon version the carbon fibers are placed vertically in the front of the fins to strongly hold the base and let the flex on the tips.
    The fins are stiffer and more precise with a release from the tip in high load for more comfort and shaper turns.

Size Dimensions Volume  Weight* Equipped with
Delivered with 
5’4 162 x 46 x 5,5 cm 5’4 x 18.1″ x 2.2″ 22 l 3.03 Leash Plug Full pad + 3x F-One Flow Carbon XS
*indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.

They use it

Mitu Monteiro 30

This board turned into my ultimate weapon to score unbelievable barrels. I could not get off it during our whole trip in Baja California, and I’m now happy to offer it to you today.

Mitu Monteiro 16
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