Alan Stokes
Nationality : British
Currently living in : Cornwall, United Kingdom
Date of birth : 19 January 1981
Discipline : Surf, Foil ,Sup
Favorite spot : Anywhere uncrowded , I'm currently in Iceland and haven't seen another surfer, I think this is my new fav spot
Favorite move : Tubes on a surfboard and big carves on a surf foil
Inspirations : Kelly Slater, John John Florence , Kai Lenny
Major accomplishements

4 X British Surf Champion

Every challenge is an opportunity

How did you get into Surfing ?
We moved to Cornwall when I was six years old, I was pretty good at skateboarding from an early age.  I grew up on the beach and naturally gravitated towards the surf.


Tell us about your best Surfing memory.
Probably the last week of winter swells we have had at home in Cornwall, some of the biggest and cleanest waves. I have seen at home for years with only a few good friends to share memorable waves with.


Your worst wipeout ?
Last year at home the same spot I was riding on these last big swells, I fell on a big wave got held down for two waves, hood was torn off my head and I had to keep telling myself you are coming up. I was down for two waves, pretty scary!


Who you would like to say thank you to ?
Ah just the usual’s my wife and amazing loving family who put up with my crazed surf ways and my awesome sponsors F One, Form Surfboards, Typhoon Wetsuits and FCS.

What's Up ?