Francesca Maini 6
Nationality : Half British, half Italian
Currently living in : England
Date of birth : 21 January 2002
Discipline : Big Air, wave riding, foiling, wing foiling
Favorite spot : Depends on the discipline! Cape Town is definitely the best for Big Air, and Mauritius is my favorite wave-riding spot
Favorite move : Late back roll
Inspirations : Angely Bouillot and my dad!
Major accomplishements

Winner of the BAKL 2021 – Cape Town

2nd at the BAKL 2022 – Cape Town

3rd at Lords of Tram 2021

First woman to ever land a double kiteloop

" Do something every day that scares you. "

How did you get into kitesurfing, and what’s your favorite discipline? 

My dad got me into kitesurfing. He kitesurfs all the time and taught my brother and me. My first-time trying kitesurfing was when I was about 10. Then, I started doing it more consistently when I was around 12 or 13. I enjoy all aspects of kitesurfing, so it is so hard to say I have a favorite! I do love Big Air and wave riding, but I still can’t decide between the two!

What do you do before getting in the water?
Normally, I try get in my wetsuit as fast as possible, put my earplugs in and then go. I try to stretch more just before I go out, but if the conditions are looking amazing, I’m in a rush to get out!

Tell us your best kitesurfing memory.

I have so many! One of my best earliest memories was when I managed to do my first proper run in kitesurfing. I was so happy and just wanted to keep doing it! Also, kitesurfing in Platboom, South Africa a couple of years ago. It is such a beautiful place, and I was kiting with hundreds of seals and two massive whales! I have so many amazing memories, I can’t write them all down!

Worst wipeout?

One of my worst wipeouts was actually in foil racing. I crashed so hard, did many cartwheels on the water and I hit the bottom of my foil board with my kite bar and managed to damage my board from it! A couple of years ago, I also had a bad crash from Big Air, where the kite didn’t catch me and I landed super hard on my chest. I thought something was broken but luckily not, although I still have issues with my chest now from that crash!

Who do you like to say thank you to?

I would like to say thank you to my parents for getting me into kitesurfing in the first place and for taking me to different spots to be able to kite. My dad is always supporting my brother and I. He especially helps us in race foiling competitions and taught us how to kite in the first place! I also want to thank my brother who is sometimes my “Big Air coach”. He pushes me to do new tricks even though sometimes I don’t believe I can do it, or if it is super scary. He makes me do it and he is always right! 

What’s your favorite F-ONE gear?

I could talk about every kite individually, but two kites that I have enjoyed riding are the TRIGGER and the BANDIT S4.

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