Hendrick Witschi Lopes 10
Nationality : Cape Verdean / Swiss
Currently living in : Sal island, Cabo Verde and Port, Switzerland
Date of birth : 14 March 2002
Discipline : Waves, freestyle strapless, wingfoil, surf foil, surf
Favorite spot : Ponta Preta sal island, Hamata Egypt
Favorite move : Kiteloop
Inspirations : Airton Cozzolino, Mitu Monteiro, Matchu Lopes, Kai Lenny
Major accomplishements

Learn day by day
Sal junior surfing champion
1st junior twintip racing, Hamata Egypt

“Stay positive, work hard make it happen”

One sentence about the products that you are using

I can 100% rely on my equipment therefor it gives me the ability to focus on turns and landings. The smoothness of the bandit s2 with the combination of the fluidity from the shadow in the waves and the control of the magnet on strapless freestyle I call it the perfect match.

How did you get into wing foiling / kitesurfing / surfing?

Everything started when I was 2 years old my mom was on the water surfing, I got hungry and was still nursed by her, so i decided to take a board and go in. suddenly there was a wave coming and some friends were behind me, so my mom told me to turn and caught the wave and went straight to the beach, since then I got hooked. Every other sport just came from interest and passion because it gives me the possibility to go out in every condition 🙂

What do you do before getting in the water?

If the wind is blowing and the waves are pumping, I’d probably get my quivers ready 😉

Tell us about your best kitesurf/ wing foil memory

My best wing foil memory are the downwinders from brazil. I have no words to describe the sensation I had

Your worst wipeout?

In Ponta Preta when my kite fell, the lines got rubbed against my belly, the kite was pulling me one side and the waves to the other. It got pretty tense but with help from friends I managed to escape.

Who you would like to say thank you to?

So many people but most importantly to my parents for giving me the chance to follow my dreams and do what I love. Thank you to Mitu Monteiro for the support and F-one/ Manera team for believing in me.

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