Hugo Marin
Nationality : French
Currently living in : Montpellier
Date of birth : 9 September 2001
Discipline : Wing Foil
Favorite spot : Le Morne - Mauritius
Favorite move : 360 Re-entry
Inspirations : Keahi de aboitiz
Major accomplishements

1st in freestyle and wave discipline in Dakhla – GWA 2021
1 st in race discipline in Brasil – GWA 2021
3rd in the general ranking of GWA 2021 in both freestyle and waves

The bigger the waves, the funnier the session!

How did you get into wingfoiling ? 

At the beginning I wasn’t really attracted by wingfoil, I was into strapless kiting and I didn’t see myself starting a new discipline. It was in 2020 towards the end of the lockdown, the beaches and lakes were still forbidden, and going to the water with a kite was too visible, that’s why I went with a wingfoil to be “unnoticed”, and since then I almost never touched a kite.

What do you do before getting in the water ? 

I check the forecast all the time looking for the slightest wave.

Tell us about your Best wingfoil memory : 

There are several, each time I ride a new wave that I did not know, the discovery of a spot is really an indescribable feeling, especially in Wingfoil, all spots become excellent!

Worst wipeout :

Nothing crazy, I’m lucky on that count, for now, let’s hope it lasts.

Who do you like to say thank you to ? 

Thanks to my parents for everything, it’s thanks to them that I am at this point.

What is your favorite gear set up ? 

The whole F-ONE collection is really great ! But I mainly use the rocket wing s carbon in the waves and the rocket wing carbon for freestyle, always in strike v2 of course. Mat 85 carbon HM and 740 phantom is the best combination

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