Josh Riccio 1
Nationality : USA
Currently living in : Maui
Date of birth : 24 May 1989
Discipline : SUP racing & surfing, foiling
Favorite spot : Pailolo Channel
Favorite move : Chasing bumps
Inspirations : My Parents
Major accomplishements

2x Molokai 2 Oahu SUP stock class champion
2x Paddle Imua SUP Stock class champion
2018 Poi Bowl SUP Cup Overall Winner
2018 10th place Scharbeutz Germany
2017 Coconut Cup overall Winner
2017 6th place Gorge Challenge technical race
2017 8th place Carolina Cup
2016 2nd place Rincon BeachboyClassic
2015 1st place Maui 2 Molokai

Pura vida!

How did you get into SUP?
I joined Napili Canoe Club shortly after I moved to Maui in 2010, and after my first experience crossing the Pailolo Channel on a 6 man OC I was hooked on catching bumps. I couldn’t wait until the next year to ride bumps again, I bought my first sup which was a 14’ downwinder, so I could work on my paddle technique and catching bumps during the OC off-season, being a surfer before a paddler made SUP more of a natural crossover especially for downwinding. In 2012, I did my first Maliko Race and discovered how much I really enjoyed racing. After my first race I started paddling SUP weekly to train and compete for my first solo Pailolo channel crossing in 2013. I was curious to see where I ranked against the established names in the sport such as Zane Schweitzer, Chase Kosterlitz, and Paul Jackson but of course had no expectations on myself. On my first solo crossing with no boat support and barely any previous experience I was able to finish 3rd place in the SUP stock just a few minutes behind Zane (1st) and Paul (2nd). This led me to make a big trip to California in September 2013 to compete in the Battle of the Paddle and seek out possible sponsorship to help support my new-found passion in sup racing. Since then, I have pretty much been a full-time paddler training and competing against the world’s best SUP paddlers in as many major events throughout the year as possible. Paddling has definitely had such a great impact on my life that I am so grateful for.

What do you do before getting in the water?
Stretch!!! I’m trying to get the most out of my body in terms of performance and longevity, so I really try to make sure I’m taking care of my body before and after my sessions in the water, If it’s a surf session I’ll throw on a surf video to watch while I stretch. I definitely like to train and race with music, so I’m always jamming before and during a paddle session.

Tell us about your best riding memory
Some of my best surf memories are still from sessions shared with just my childhood buddies and I scored some Gulf Coast surf at our home break when we were kids, it was such a rare treat to actually get fun waves in the gulf so when it happened it was always special.

The people I’ve met and places I’ve been due to paddling have left me with so many great memories that I started keeping a journal of all my travels and experiences in and out of the water. Some of my best SUP memories are from tight battles between my friends and I within a race. One of the greatest things I recognized about SUP racing is that my competitors/friends force me to dig deeper and push myself beyond my comfort zone which has taught me a lot about myself. My most recent channel crossing from Molokai 2 Oahu was definitely a really memorable session on the water for me because of the mental and physical battles I had to overcome against myself to push harder when conditions got worse at the end.

Your worst wipeout?
Thankfully I’ve been fortunate to avoid any major injuries in the water so for me my worst wipeout came in 2014 when I fell just 100 feet (ca. 30 m) from the finish at the Ultimate SUP showdown race in Waikiki falling from 3rd to 6th which cost me $1500 with the difference between 3rd place payout and 6th. It haunts me sometimes when I think about my race mistakes and mishaps of the past but it is also in large part what drives me to continue to train and compete at the top-level knowing I have many areas in my program that can still be improved!

Who you would like to say thank you to?
Definitely owe the most thanks and gratitude to my family and friends especially my Mom for all the love and support in my life. No brand has ever supported me the way F-ONE has, so I also owe many thanks and gratitude to F-ONE for seeing the value in me and to support my passions and pursuits in the water. It’s really been such a great opportunity and experience working with everyone there.

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