Set Teixeira 6
Nationality : Brazilian
Currently living in : Cumbuco, Brazil
Date of birth : 14 April 1996
Discipline : Freestyle
Favorite spot : Cumbuco, Brazil
Favorite move : Heart Attack 7
Inspirations : Medina, Toledo and Carlos Mario
Major accomplishements

Brazilian Champion
7th WKL 2016
3rd WKL 2017


Champions keep playing until they get it right.

How did you get into kiteboarding?
Where I live they breathe kitesurf and wind, and when I was a kid my brother started to kite, and he started to teach me and after my first lesson I was passionate for the kitesurf!

What do you do before getting in the water?
I do my abs exercises and eating something light to go hard in my trainings.

Tell us about your best kiting memory
When I did my first downwind to Atins, Brazil it’s a paradise with mangroves and wind everywhere. I loved it.

Your worst wipeout?
When I was training my KGB 5 at home and I crashed it hard, broke my board and cut my breath for a few seconds!

Who you would like to say thank you to?
To my family that always supports my career, my friends and all my sponsors to believe on me!

Favorite gear

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