Thierry Schmitter 2
Nationality : French
Currently living in : The Hague, Netherlands
Date of birth : 6 May 1969
Discipline : Sitkite wave and foil
Favorite spot : Home spot : Scheveningen
Favorite move : Aerial of the lip
Inspirations : The local champions in Sal (Cape Verde), because they pushing the limit of sport further
Major accomplishements

My last kite session

Better live with risks than with regrets. Better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep.

How did you get into kiteboarding ?

I started in 2013 after being a Paralympic sailor for 12 years. Although some Paralympic medals and a few World champion titles, I needed a new challenge where I could shift my boundaries. Kitesurfing is my best Life therapy!!


What do you do before getting in the water ?

I always check the conditions and make sure somebody can help me in and out of the water. Thanks to kitesurfing I meet inspiring and passionate sport addicts.


Tell us about your best kiting / SUPing / Surfing memory

My first downwinder at my home spot Scheveningen. What a freedom!!!


Your worst wipeout?

Being tumbled in a cold North Sea breaker without knowing where my kite hangs and not knowing what is up or down.


Who you would like to say thank you to?

To all the guys and girls at the beach helping me in and out of the water. I wouldn’t be able to kite without your help, Many thanks!!!

Favorite gear

What's Up ?