Tom Constant 5
Nationality : French
Currently living in : Montpellier
Date of birth : 3 November 1992
Discipline : Sup foil, surf and race, surf foil, downwind sup foil, wing
Favorite spot : Contis (Landes)
Favorite move : Backflip surf foil
Inspirations : Kai Lenny
Major accomplishements

Longue distance downwind sup foil 70 km

"100% of winners are players"

One sentence about the products that you are using:
With the 1480 phantom there are no limits to pumping!

How did you get into SUP / SUP Foil?
I started with the race stand up paddle which is the perfect support to have a good rowing technique and a good physical condition, then I saw the first videos of Downwind Foil and I trained in order to master this fascinating discipline!

What is your routine before you go riding ?
I check the conditions to be in the right place at the right time!

Tell us about your best session
Glassy conditions in the moors early in the morning, after a ten-minute walk through the forest to find yourself alone between the dunes and the ocean!

Worst wipeout?
In muscular conditions in sup Foil, I broke 2 ribs with my board, I sank like a stone at the bottom of the water without air it was hard.

Who would you like to thank?
To my mother who supports me in everything I do.

What's Up ?