Sapin and more exactly “Tarifa”, this is last destination of our team NEXT generation!
These young riders, from 13 to 18 years old, flew off to Spain with their coach Etienne LHOTE for an intense training trip.
On their program they found : kitesurfing sessions, physical training, learning the rules of competition and media management (initiation to the video edition).
Etienne shared with them his experience as a former professional rider and supervised them for a complete week to prepare them to high level professional world.

Riders :
Cisil OZEN, Katie BOWCUTT, Javier JIMENEZ, Maxime CHABLOZ, Jop HEEMSKERK, Nikolaj HOLMLUND, Lucas TARIN, Lazare GOURNAY, Kilian BLUMBERG and Nicolas DELMAS.

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