The Seven Seas Carbon V2 is out ! 1

It’s time to foil away with the new SEVEN SEAS.

With a slimmer outline, higher aspect ratio of 8.0, and revised surfaces, this foil keeps the legendary accessibility of our SEVEN SEAS range while benefitting from a performance boost.


The Seven Seas Carbon V2 is out ! 2


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Aspect Ratio: 8.0

Refined outline and wingtips design, as well as revised surfaces for minimal drag and outstanding glide

Impressive ease-to-performance ratio

Increased maneuverability

Perfect for downwinders as well as wing foil sessions


The Seven Seas Carbon V2 is out ! 4


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The SEVEN SEAS remains a downwind-oriented foil and is the perfect choice to get a taste of the sensations of a high-performance downwind foil.

This latest SEVEN SEAS benefits from a new outline, higher aspect ratio and revised surfaces to provide a fantastic and thrilling glide, a progressive and easy take-off, and increased low end potential. The wingtips have also been refined to increase the foil’s maneuverability and make it even more fun to ride.

When wing foiling, it ensures an easy take-off and smooth glide, while enhancing maneuverability for jibing and tacking. In SUP foil, it’s effortlessly launched and offers surprising glide, making it ideal for advanced riders in light conditions.

Thanks to its impressive performance/accessibility ratio, the SEVEN SEAS suits beginners and pros alike.

Bringing an easy and efficient glide for everyone, it’s the foil you’ll always keep in your quiver.


The Seven Seas Carbon V2 is out !


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