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In this article you will find all the gear you need to make the most out of your light wind session in every discipline.

With summer season & thermal winds, it’s the good moment to think about what gear to ride with in light wind conditions.
Do not worry, there are plenty of perfect combos to make the most out of those light wind sessions in every discipline.



With our brand-new Strike CWC ( Compact Wing Concept) you will experience unique sensations in light wind conditions. The new Strike CWC brings great power with ease of use and therefore a super light feel with less wingspan. The wing is more maneuverable, easier to flip around when on the water.
Light wind riding will have never been so performing.


At 5’10 for 110L the board has enough volume and width to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well as making sure that riding back to the shore is possible, even when the wind drops.

ROCKET AIR 7’2 - 7’6 - 7’11

3 sizes available, all types of riders. The Rocket Air have a great stability with the extra volume brought by the inflatable technology which will allow you to start riding in very light wind conditions. Easy to handle the Rocket Air can be stored in small bag as well to be easily brought on for your next adventure.


WTF?! V2 13m  KITE

Each size of the WTF has been individually designed to match the conditions they are aimed at. The larger sizes have been developed to deliver more power and get you planing early. The WTF?! V2 13m will become your best mate if you want to have progression sessions, attempting new tricks you would not try in stronger wind with a smaller kite size.

WTF?! Board

138 x 42 and 140 x 42.5cm. The increased surface area helping to get you going early, but also providing a great platform to land your tricks. So no better board to give you the better chance to land new trick in light wind.



There is no better kite to perform in light wind condition. With an ultra-lightweight and an easy relaunch, the BREEZE V3 the perfect kite for light wind freeriding, and foiling in any conditions. The one-strut kite that can put a smile on your face in 8knots!


If you are looking for a board which will get you on the water before all the other TT riders, this is the board you’re looking for !



If you are at the beach going for a freeride lightwind foil session, the HALO will be your best companion to travel and to get going when people are still waiting on the beach for the wind to pick up.


once again, the BREEZE V3 is an excellent option for kite foiling in light wind, as this kite is super light and easy to handle. With an excellent bar feedback, the BREEZE V3 will give you a great speed control on a foil and will be easy to relaunch if needed.


With a specific foiling outline and a very light weight, the POCKET CARBON is clearly the board you want to ride in light kitefoiling session. Compact and easy to handle you will be one of the first riding when the wind will just start to blow.

So you are now facing another problem… what gear option will you choose? 😉

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