The new Breeze V.5 is out.

One strut, a thousand possibilities.

F-ONE‘s fifth BREEZE offers unrivalled versatility and an intuitive ride, making it the ideal kite for light wind sessions as well as for foil and freeride enthusiasts. With improved relaunch abilities, a more accessible low end and increased stability, this new BREEZE promises an effortless session and thousands of possibilities on the water.



Refined and optimized outline, design, and bridles

Outstanding ride and performance in light wind

Easy, intuitive relaunch and reverse launch

Enhanced stability and comfort

Unbeatable low wind maneuverability

Total control and excellent bar feedback

New outline and design for improved performances

The fifth BREEZE benefits from an optimized outline, new design, new shape of the wingtips, and a reduced aspect ratio. This provides improved performances, an easier relaunch and reverse launch, and increased stability and upwind abilities.

The new Breeze V.5 is out. 13

New materials

Most of the BREEZE’s inflatable structure is in HITEX 158g for durability, as well as to make it easier to keep the kite’s shape and to relaunch if it falls in the water.

The wingtips are made of Dacron 150g to guarantee lightness and comfort.


The new Breeze V.5 is out. 8

The kite’s canopy is now made of TECHNOFORCE™/D2 52g, and the trailing edge of the thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 66g.


The new Breeze V.5 is out. 9

Additional Staggered Seams panel


The new Breeze V.5 is out. 6

The addition of a second, smaller Staggered Seams panel on the trailing edge minimizes deformations even further, ensuring an impeccable profile and impeccable air flow on this one-strut kite.

New bridle system

The new Breeze V.5 is out. 14

The bridle system, which also includes new durable and efficient low-friction pulleys, has been redesigned to guarantee maximum control of the profile of this kite, providing optimal comfort when riding, intuitive handling, and exceptional in-flight stability. An area of 60cm in the main V is interchangeable, allowing you to replace only the worn friction zone without having to change the entire bridle system

New valve

This kite features a new one-pump valve with a larger diameter for quick and easy inflation.


The new Breeze V.5 is out. 11

The new BREEZE is remarkably versatile and perfect for anyone seeking a lightweight setup with great low-end performance and amazing maneuverability. Available in sizes from 7 m² to 17 m², the BREEZE is suitable for all levels and is the best choice for light wind kiteboarding.

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