F-ONE BANDIT and its satellites

We have at F.ONE a different and singular kite range politics and it is sometimes important to explain our vision.
We are designing and selling kites since 1997, and we had a major change in 2007 when we introduced the Delta C-Shape patent. Today the Delta C-Shape patent is the only valid patent on a kite design so it shows its innovation and validation on the long term.

Together with the Delta patent we have introduced the BANDIT model and has been our main model for 13 years. Main model means that today more than 80% of our kites sales are from our BANDIT. It also means that the BANDIT is the most sold kite model worldwide, and we are extremely proud of that.

A few years ago we have started to introduce more specialized kites models that are used by our pro-riders. The FURTIVE is made for high performances, the WTF!? is a pure C-Shape kite for freestylers, the DIABLO is for foil racing. Those kites allow us to work with the best riders and reach podiums on competitions. It is important for us to work with the best top riders and share their experience. Without those “competition” kites they will not come and join our team.
They are not the models we sell a lot, but what the design team learn from their conceptions is helping us for the BANDIT and other designs.

Some new discipline like foiling, where we are fully invested, needed lighter kites, so we have developed the one strut model – BREEZE.

For the 2020 BANDIT model we have decided to offer two options, a Freeride/Hangtime oriented BANDIT and a Strapless/Wave BANDIT. It was a big change and is a great success.
We are pleased to be able to offer a more adapted BANDIT model to suit our different customers.

Of course our F-ONE design team with only one designer does not allow us to make everything we would like to in one year and follow the improvements our team riders need in all disciplines. Every year we decide on what we should work on for the following season.
Some of our team riders like Liam Whaley and Paul Serin wanted to be ready with the right weapon for the Redbull King Of The Air or the Mega Loop challenge. This season the Freestyle World Tour will be a mix of Wakestyle and Big Air disciplines, so we wanted and needed to work on a Megaloop kite.
The BULLIT is born from that wish.

The BANDIT is our main selling kite and its unique capacity to embrace so many disciplines make it the best kite for most of the riders. Besides the BANDIT we offer what we call SATELLITE kites that are build for a unique discipline like the BREEZE for foiling or light wind or the new ONE that is designed to learn kitesurfing. The other Satellites like DIABLO – WTF – BULLIT are made to win competitions.

It is every time a challenge to design a new model especially when its for pro-riders, we need to understand their needs and translate them into a new model.
Competition does not allow any mistakes. That exercise is improving our design knowledge and it is then implemented into the BANDIT or anything we design and create.

When a totally different discipline suddenly shows up like the Wing, that capacity to adapt and design right away the perfect model is crucial.
Our SWING wing model has now proven to be the best for that new sport and has shown our expertise and knowledge that we have developed for 20 years.

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