Holiday Gift Guide - Wing Edition 3

Fueled by innovation and a passion for watersports, F-ONE brings you a curated selection of high-performance gear that will make the wing foiler in your family happy this holiday season.

For the Downwind Hunters


Holiday Gift Guide - Wing edition 1


The STRIKE is the ideal choice for those wanting to explore and go long distances. Offering unmatched upwind performances and consistent, easy-to-control traction, this wing will help you cover more distance. 

Compact and light, the ROCKET WING CARBON provides stability from side to side, responsiveness and maneuverability, an easy and smooth transition into flight, and efficient pumping abilities. Its design has been optimized for effortless take-offs and touchdown recoveries. 

Finally, the EAGLE and its AR of 9.5 will let you fly far and fast. Its thin profile leads to minimal drag and brings an unmatched and seemingly endless glide. You will be able to go much faster, further, and longer.

The HM Carbon Mast 14 85cm will perfectly complete the set, as it particularly excels in downwind and where glide is your top priority.

For the Wave Addicts


Holiday Gift Guide - Wing edition 2


The STRIKE’s light weight and unique freefly stability let you go for long surfs without worrying about your wing so you can remain focused on the wave, your line, and your foil. The STRIKE’s legendary planing and pumping power help you go back to the peak in the blink of an eye.

Maneuverable and reactive, the ROCKET WING-S CARBON is the top choice to surf with a wing. The specific, surf-type shape and the well-balanced volume distribution lead to easy take-offs, less drag in the air, and a lot of control in flight.

The PHANTOM CARBON foils (AR: 6.0) are well-balanced and bring a satisfying glide, a great planing start, and amazing carving abilities; perfect for these long surf days. 

The new Carbon Mast 16 80cm is an outstanding and efficient mast that offers the most direct sensations while foiling as well as easy turns, instant feedback, excellent maneuvering, and effective pumping.

For the Curious Learners & Wing Rookies


Holiday Gift Guide - Wing edition 3


Whether it is to freeride, freestyle, surf or freefly, the STRIKE can do it all. Its dynamic stability in flight makes everything easier for you while on your foil. This wing provides remarkable forward traction over the entire range of use; whether a beginner or a tried and tested wing foiler, your potential with it is exceptional.

The intuitive ROCKET WING ASC is your ideal and trusted partner for any sessions and throughout your wing foiling journey. Virtually the most durable and accessible foil board of our range thanks to its ultra-sturdy construction, it will provide stability from side to side, impressive responsiveness, and an easy and smooth transition into flight.

The GRAVITY FCT is the ideal foil to progress confidently and consistently. Providing great stability, this foil generates lift at low —and even very low— speed but does it smoothly so you can easily keep your balance. Its durable and sturdy FCT construction can withstand the typical mistakes of the early learning stages, making this foil extremely forgiving.

The Alu Mast 75 cm is the perfect choice with this setup and when learning to wing foil. Ready for any use and condition, our aluminum masts are impact-resistant and easy to learn on.

No matter your preference, we’ve got you covered. When choosing F-ONE, you’re not only choosing breakthrough designs and top-notch fabrics. You’re choosing a brand that aims to provide you with the most intuitive ride, so you don’t have to think to perform. 

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