F-ONE presents its new wing handles range for 2024.

F-ONE’s new wing handle system offers three interchangeable, tool-free options. Simple and effective, this system adapts easily to all disciplines, riding styles and personal preferences, giving you more control and confidence to improve your performance on the water.

Starting with the 2024 Wing Collection, all wings are fitted with this interchangeable system, so swapping a handle set between wings is quick and easy thanks to our screwless setup.

Whether you’re looking for a light and comfortable setup with soft handles, a more direct and committed ride with hard handles or something in between with our innovative hybrid handles, we’ve got you covered.

Soft Handles

All F-ONE wings come with soft handles pre-installed. A classic on our wings, these grippy, ergonomic and super comfortable handles allow for some flexibility, so your wrist is always in line with your arm and your hands naturally place themselves in the “sweet spot”.

These handles are easily connected to the central strut and to the wing’s webbing by a Velcro system. Benefiting from a light yet firm construction that doesn’t include any hard parts, these handles are the easiest to pack down and fold with your wing.

The soft handles are a great choice for freefly, wave riding, and for connecting bumps during downwinders. Soft handles are very easygoing, light and bring more comfort overall, especially when absorbing gusts.

Hybrid Handles

A F-ONE innovation, the hybrid handles are soft handles that are connected to the wing’s webbing by a hard base. Thanks to this hard base, these handles do not deform, offer an ergonomic shape, and are easy to grasp during maneuvers and transitions.

These hybrid handles hence provide a more direct feel in your hands for more performance and control, while still fully benefiting from the comfort and grip of the soft handles.

They are a great choice for freefly and wave riding, but also for freestyle beginners. These handles help you maintain a lightweight, easy-to-pack wing setup as well.

Hard Handles

Offering power, efficient pumping and more direct feedback, the hard handles are ideal for freestylers and any riders seeking great control, speed, and efficiency. With them, it is also easy to switch hands during jibes, tacks or any transitions that require an immediate response from the wing.

These hard handles are connected to the wing’s webbing by a hard base, and both feature rounded angles, providing an ergonomic grip. The front handle is also built to always keep your wrist at a natural angle, and is slightly raised on one side to facilitate all maneuvers. The back handle is closer to the strut for precision and power. These hard handles are built in a light glass fiber oval tube and EVA grip. They also feature EVA bumpers on all angles to protect both rider and gear from shocks.

Overall, they are slightly heavier than the soft or hybrid handles and will require a bit more effort on the rider’s part, but they are the best option for those looking at performance and a very direct feel.

F-ONE presents its new wing handles range for 2024. 4


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Thanks to this modular and interchangeable system, it is also very easy to mix-and-match and to try out different handle combinations. For example, it is possible to only install a hard handle at the front, while keeping the soft handle at the back for weight gain.

In the end, the choice of handles is specific to each individual, and it really all depends on everyone’s riding style and personal preferences.

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