Why choose the Swing V.2 11

Incredibly light, balanced, and accessible, the SWING V.2 is perfect to learn and progress in wing foil, and will bring pure enjoyment on the water, particularly in the waves. Designed with maximum comfort, ease-of-use, stability, control, and performance in mind, it also generates efficient power to allow foiling in all conditions.

A large size range for all levels and conditions

The SWING V.2. is available in six sizes:

Why choose the Swing V.2 3

The 2.4 wing was specifically designed for the Next Generation and lightweight riders. Each wing surface covers a 15 knots wind range. It allows the riders to ride in a 30 knots wind range with only two wings.


2.4m² — 25+ knts

2.8m² — 25 > 42 knts

3.5m² — 20 > 35 knts

4.2m² — 15 > 30 knts

5.0m² — 10 < 25 knts

5.5m² — 10 < 20 knts

Why choose the Swing V.2 2

The SWING V.2 excels in the waves. Thanks to its outstanding lightness, you will get more float and freedom to ride waves without interference. This agile wing is easy to flick around and brings effortless handling.

Why choose the Swing V.2 5


It holds perfectly in the air in a neutral position when turning in the waves and flies itself flawlessly, leaving you free to use the power of the wave with little resistance. Overall, its remarkable low weight will make you forget about it when free flying, taking on swells or downwinding.


Why choose the Swing V.2 6


This wing also generates power immediately, no matter its angle of attack. This instant power can turn out to be crucial when kicking out of a wave or waterstarting to safely get to the next set.

Why choose the Swing V.2 4


Moreover, wing foiling with a SWING V.2 is exceptionally intuitive thanks to its simplicity, comfort, and steadiness. Beginners and experienced riders alike will enjoy its gentle feel and ease-of-use. Even if you drop the wing, it will rarely flip over so you will be back up and going in no time. If it does, it is very simple to flip it back in the water from the center, without having to work your way down to the wingtips.

The power distribution is perfectly balanced to not tire your arms out, and the pull and pressure in your hands is lessened to a maximum. Finally, planing is easy and the upwind performances of this wing are also impressive. Thanks to its wide wind range, riding in both the high and low end has never been so fun.


Why choose the Swing V.2 7

The vertical panel orientation along the trailing edge brings in-flight stability and durability overtime. The instant power generated by the wing as well as its neutral balance make it a fantastic one for all riders.


Why choose the Swing V.2 8


The SWING V.2 has two comfortable handles to allow the rider to have the perfect balance and again to lower the overall weight of the wing. They have been optimized to help with easy transitions and the best tuning. Their excellent feel encourages longer sessions as well. 


Why choose the Swing V.2 9

Why should you choose our SWING V.2?


1 – It is a fantastic wave riding wing.

2 – It is accessible, easy to use, stable, and very comfortable to handle.

3 – It is incredibly light.

4 – Its wide wind and size ranges will suit all levels and conditions.


Why choose the Swing V.2 12

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