FUSELAGE Tail Carbon L

The Fuselage Tail Carbon is an essential complement to the F-ONE Monobloc carbon wings.

They connect with the front wing behind the TITAN mast slot in an area where the loads are reduced. Still, the shape of the connection is inspired from the TITAN design and offers a very robust and stiff assembly.

At the back the cradle for the stabilizer is designed with the right angle to make the front wing fly with ease and efficiency.

The Fuselage Tail Carbon are built in pre-preg carbon with a foam core to keep their weight extremely light. Some solidly anchored brass inserts are used for all fastenings.

Weight: 0.170 kg


Technical Specifications

The Fuselage Tail Carbon are available in three sizes:

  • Short (37 cm): offers more maneuverability and reactivity – recommended with Gravity 1200/1400
  • Long (41 cm): offers more stability and a more efficient pumping – recommended with Gravity 1800
  • Wide (37 cm): designed with a larger section to withstand higher loads – recommended with Levo Carbon 900