LINXBAR Freestyle

The LINX BAR Freestyle is our control system, a dual adjustable length bar available in 42/35cm. It perfectly blends lower weight and simplicity with excellent comfort and function.

  • Adjustable bar length
  • New depower sheath to increase durability
  • New automatic lifeline swivel
  • Intuitive and super precise depower system

Ref. 77222-0201


Technical Specifications

The bar itself is small in diameter with a comfortable grip, which is forgiving on the hands. The grip has a rubbery feel with a fine texture. It feels firm underneath and a bit cushier on the top where your fingers wrap around the bar.

The integrated floats at the bar ends house the mechanism to adjust the size of your bar. Simply pull down the tag under the bar, rotate the insert and your bar size is changed. You will also have the possibility to adjust your back lines length.

The bar features a lifeline now placed into a new rectangular depower sheath for more durability. This new feature prevents the centerline from rubbing against the aluminum tube and will not rub against the user’s fingers either.

Above the bar, the stainless-steel cleat used to adjust the power has been updated for more simplicity, and the depower system is now thinner and therefore more precise.

An additional float is placed above the depower system to maintain positive buoyancy if you become disconnected from your bar.

The bar’s color-coding is very clear with orange on the left and dark blue on the right.

The lines end in loops and are being attached to the bridles’ connectors.

The quick release features a built-in manual swivel above the push to untwist your lines.

The new minimalist below the bar lifeline swivel is now made of a plastic stud and a stainless-steel ring on which you hang the leash. It rotates easily and automatically untwists your lifeline.

Item Size Accessories Included
LINX BAR 5 LINES 2022 42/35 cm Safety leash (L)
  • KITE 5L 2022