The ROCKET WIND boards are available in three sizes with a 135l for comfortable volume, a 120l for the smaller rigs and a 105l as a pocket shape designed for a freemove approach.

  • Dedicated Windfoil Shape
  • Easy Planing & Take-off
  • Very Balanced & Intuitive
  • Comfortable & Progressive

Ref. 77208-0801




Technical Specifications

Very stable, the boards enable easy uphaul and are quick to get on the plane. Taking-off and flying is very intuitive, everything is in control and feels natural so you can enjoy the flight. This stability is working wonders again when jibing in the air or tacking.

The rails are rounded and beveled at the front to make the eventual touch downs absolutely harmless, and the transition to a low and sharp edge at the back for planing. The blend between the rail design, the balanced outline and the refined rocker line is key to making these foilboards so easy to use.

The deck is flatter than usual under the feet to improve your control over the foil and the foot straps are located to achieve the best possible balance with a variety of rig size. The deck is recessed on the 120 and 135 to reduce the weight and optimize volume distribution.

The Tuttle box is carbon built and goes full depth to the deck. It will accommodate most foils on the market with Tuttle or Deep tuttle heads. The angle between the board and the foil has been refined with a lot of attention to make the board easier and again more intuitive.

The boards are built with a bamboo sandwich on deck that offers well proven resistance with a reduced weight.

The new ROCKET WIND range will make your windfoil experience easier and deliver what is probably the most intuitive performance setup.

The ROCKET WIND boards are delivered with our windsurfing footstraps (x4).

  • BAMBOO Sandwich technology

    Our SUP boards benefit from the BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY construction. Every layer of bamboo is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or between a layer of carbon. This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable.


    Using a layer of bamboo only on the deck, this construction has been optimized to guarantee the board is as light as possible, all while ensuring strength and durability as well.


    The deep tuttle box is a foil box, standard of the windsurfing industry. With the angled front and back faces, the tuttle head is firmly maintained inside the box. Its depth makes it particularly suited to connect foil masts with higher loads.

Size Dimensions Vol. Weight
105 180 x 73 cm 5’10 x 28.7’’ 105 l 8
120 208 x 78 cm 6’10 x 30.7’’ 120 l 8.7
135 213 x 83 cm 7’0 x 33.5’’ 135 l 9.4