The sit-kite surfboard was developed with three-time Paralympic athlete Thierry Schmitter. Designed around the needs of paraplegic riders, this board has an exclusive shape. Its slim wood core brings tailored flotation and flex with great resistance. 

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Good planing and edging 
  • Great maneuverability and carving ability

Ref. 77214-0601


Technical Specifications

The combination of a wooden core for reduced volume with the pronounced nose rocker, bringing longitudinal and transversal curvature, makes the design of the F-ONE sit-kite board unique. Using a one-of-a-kind production process, this board benefits from a hybrid system between the twin tip and surfboard manufacturing. 

The heavily rounded nose and rather straight tail rocker of the board lead to wave riding sensation very close to those of a regular surfboard. The rider’s feet are far forward in the sitting position, so it was crucial to have a pronounced spatulate nose. The rail is rounded in the front and rather ‘edgy’ in the back. The winger and swallow tail are also implemented for wave riding in small to medium size waves and chop, and bring great grip and lift at the back. The outline and light concave of the board have been carefully designed to better absorb the chop when wave riding.

To make the board indestructible, a small deck elevation has been incorporated to spread the local load of the frame into the board. Further, the deck layout and inserts position of the F-ONE sit-kite board are compatible with the Wolturnus sit-kite frame. The Tuttle box enables easy beach landing and going upwind properly with fins 6-10cm deep (4.5 inches). 

This board also features stainless steel inserts to fasten the seat frame, foot pads and straps. It comes with two 4.5” (Tuttle box) G10 fins whose rigidity provides incisive surfing and good grip.

Inspired by and perfectly adapted to wheelchair athletes, F-ONE’s sit-kite surfboard will allow riders to blast into the waves and experience the pure bliss of the ride.