The patented light wind wing revolution. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, this wing is a game changer for your light wind days.

  • Revolutionary compact shape
  • Light wind weapon
  • Unique patented geometry
  • Touch Control
  • Fantastic Maneuverability

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Technical Specifications

F-ONE unveils another breakthrough design with the STRIKE CWC, which offers unique sensations in light wind conditions. The new patented Compact Wing Concept allows adding more surface into a given wingspan without compromising lightness and performances.

We have added two struts to the existing one, offering the most compact shape on the market for the bigger sizes. It was a tough process to control the twist of the two struts and therefore the power and performances of this wing. The high-performances design we had in the rest of the STRIKE range and the incredible control of the canopy tension were a necessary base from which to start such an ambitious design.

The two extra struts increase the wing’s surface without increasing the leading edge’s length and diameter. Once we were able to fit a 6m² into a short 5m² leading edge, we were then able to build a 7m² and 8m² with the same concept. The control of the leading edge’s length offers more rigidity in the canopy and the trailing edge is completely controlled, adding performance.

Because touching the water while riding is an issue with the bigger sizes, we have also worked on the tips profile. They naturally stay away from the water surface. If they do hit the water, their design allows them to glide over and not stop you as it previously would. This allows you to ride with your hands at a normal height and not with your arms above your head. Pumping is facilitated as well, and gets you planing in no time as the wingtips don’t touch the water when you bend your arms.

This new geometry brings great power with ease of use, and therefore a light feel with less wingspan. The wing is more maneuverable and easier to flip around when on the water. This unique compactness allows a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes.

Light wind riding will have never been so effective.


    The pending patent : Compact Wing Concept is an F-ONE innovation. This new design offers a compact shape, easy to handle and offers amazing light wind riding sensations without compromises.


    This unique Wing geometry with its two additional struts allows adding more surface into a given wingspan.


    For over two decades, we have built our kites in the most state-of-the-art cloth from Teijin’s factory in Japan.

    They have developed the best technologies and quality material for our kites over the years. Teijin has worked on a few major developments with the double ripstop on the canopy cloth and durability treatments.

    The kite industry was lacking choice of cloth density. We could build kites with a 52g per square meter for the canopy and about 160g for the leading edge, strut, and reinforcements. Having only two choices was not easy because on some parts the 52g was too light and the 160g too heavy.

    After numerous developments and tests with Teijin, we are now using a new Dacron 130g double ripstop. As a result, we have saved weight while keeping excellent strength. The kite is more reactive and of course feels lighter; that is particularly important for the bigger sizes, especially in light wind or for the turning speed during kite loops.


    Most seams on the leading edge are protected with an abrasion-resistant Kevlar® fabric to prevent the seams from deteriorating when the kite's profile is subjected to aggressive ground friction


Sizes (m2) 6.0 7.0 8.0
Weight (kg) 2.94 3.22 3.46
Wind range (knts) 10> 22 08 > 20 06 > 15
PSI* 8 8 8

*For more comfort, inflate the wing 0.5 PSI less than recommended.


3D view