Charles Brodel 9
Nationality : French
Currently living in : Dunkerque
Date of birth : 29 January 1999
Discipline : Kitefoil Freestyle
Favorite spot : Every spot is a good spot as long as I have my foil
Favorite move : Kiteloop Board Off
Inspirations : Sportsmen/women pushing the limits of extreme sports
Major accomplishements

2021 World Champion in Kitefoil Freestyle

2nd Superfoil Brazil

1st Superspot Brazil

World Champion – Speed Crossing

World Champion – Landkite

They didn't know it was possible, so they did it anyway

How did you get into kitefoiling ? 

I was doing twin-tip airstyle, and I wanted to get more height and speed, so I chose to combine foiling with freestyle

One sentence about the product that you are using ?

I mostly ride with my Halo and a pocket carbon board mounted with an escape foil. With this high quality equipment I can really focus on my practice, and be directly connected to the elements to push my limits.

What do you do before getting in the water ?

I look at the wind strength and the waves to choose the best kite size.

Tell us about your best kitefoil memory

That would be when I landed my first kite loop board off because it’s the trick that scares me the most, but I really wanted to pull it out.

Your worst wipe out

I touch wood but for the moment none. I am very vigilant and conscientious about the dangers of our sport.

Who you would like to say thank you to ?

To all my family who have always helped me to realize my dream, as well as F-ONE and MANERA for their support with quality equipment.

What's Up ?