Leon Schiel
Nationality : British
Date of birth : 1 January 2010
Discipline : Wing foil - surf slalom and surf freestyle
Favorite spot : Chameau, Mauritius (so far!)
Favorite move : Backflip
Inspirations : Chris Macdonald, Hugo Marin
Major accomplishements

U14 World champion in freefly-slalom (2023)

2nd in surf-freestyle in the U14 GWA World Youth Championships (2023)

3rd overall in surf-slalom in the U14 GWA Youth World Cup (2022)

4th overall in surf-freestyle in the U14 GWA Youth World Cup (2022)

1st overall UKWA wing foiling surf-slalom. 

Tell us how you got started in wing foiling.

Before getting into wing foiling, I surfed as much as possible. So, I was quickly comfortable in the water and able to read the wave. I then started to windsurf, including windsurf foiling at the age of 10. At 11, I discovered wing foiling and found it a perfect mix between surfing and windsurfing. I have loved it ever since.

What do you do before getting in the water? 

I rig the equipment, double checking every aspect. I do a warmup consisting of jogging up and down the beach, and some stretching. I always have a drink before getting into the water to make sure that I am fully hydrated. If I am in England or Ireland in the winter, I have a warm cup of tea!

Tell us your best riding memory.

On our latest trip to Mauritius, my dad and I got up at first light. The wind then kicked in earlier than usual, and we scored an insane session at Manawa all alone. The waves were triple to quad overhead, with the perfect wind direction. We were able to catch the waves from right out on the point all the way through to the inside section time after time. It was just the two of us!

Worst wipeout? 

My worst wipeout was in Majanicho, Fuerteventura. I was tow foiling at the time and I was not very experienced. The barreling wave crashed on me and held me down. I had to take another one on the head before the jet ski rescued me.

Who do you like to say thank you to? 

I would like to say a big thank you to F-ONE and everybody in its amazing team. But most of all, thanks to Raphael for creating and supporting the Next Generation team, and for all of the amazingly designed and engineered wing foiling equipment. A big thank you also goes to all the lads on the Next Gen team for making it so much fun and being such an inspiration.

A few sentences on your F-ONE quiver?

My favourite wave setup is the ESCAPE 530, 85 cm Carbon Mast, 32 L 4’4 ROCKET WING-S, and 3m² STRIKE. This setup feels perfectly balanced in all wave sizes and power.

 My favourite freestyle setup is the ESCAPE 530, 85 cm Carbon Mast, 40 L 4’4 ROCKET WING, and 3m² STRIKE. On this setup, I can get brilliant pop on the takeoff, but it also has enough volume on the landings.

My favourite race setup is the ESCAPE 530, 95 cm Carbon Mast, 40 L 4’4 ROCKET WING, and 4m² STRIKE. On this setup, I can get more leverage with the mast, and can crank up the top speed.