F-ONE SAS, company registered at the RCS of Montpellier under the number 380 726 687, whose VAT number is FR29380726687, is planning a contest on Instagram. The prize is a JAM 1900 cm² foil (price within the limit of 1429 euros)

The competition game will be running from Monday 27th of November to Sunday 17th of December 2023 at 23h59 CET (GMT+1) Europe/Paris. The result of the game will be announced Monday 18th of December 2023. This competition is available exclusively on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/

Throughout this period, Internet users who respect the participation conditions of the contest will be “potential winners”, who we will call “the participants”.
The result will be announced on our F-ONE Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/fonefoil/

F-ONE launches its Instagram contest from Monday 27th of November to Sunday 17th of December 2023 at 23h59 CET (GMT+1) Europe/Paris.
The following conditions apply:

  1. Follow @fonefoil and like the post announcing the contest.
  2. Post your most creative or wacky dockstart video using our original song “Jammy’s Jam”! It can be dock start, beach start, rock start or any other starts you’d like; we just want to see it. Surprise us.
  3. Tag @fonefoil in your post.

The draw will take place Monday 18th of December 2023 and the name of the winner will be released the same day.

You will be able to participate as soon as the contest is announced on Monday 27th  of November and the closing date of the participation is Sunday 17th of December 2023 at 23h59 CET (GMT+1) Europe/Paris. The participations posted and/or received after the closing hour and date won’t be taken into account.

Only people over 18 years old (18 included) at the day of the registration are eligible to participate.
This contest is open to any physical person, excluding all those who were involved in the direct or indirect development of the game, as well as their families.

This contest requires having an Internet connection and to hold an account on the website: https://www.instagram.com/
Registration is free and without any obligation to purchase. The registration of those who do not meet all the conditions written in these rules will not be taken into account.
If the person meets all the conditions and has completed all stages described in article 2 of this document, then they will be registered in the competition game. If not, then they will be immediately and permanently eliminated from the competition. Anyone who tries to register under different contact details in order to participate several times in this game will also be immediately and permanently eliminated from the competition.

Only one person will be drawn and designated as winner of the contest. The winner’s name will be revealed on the Instagram accounts below:

The winner will be contacted via private message, on Instagram messaging platform. He/she will be invited to reply within 72 hours after. If the winner does not reply with this given time, he/she will lose the right to claim the prize.
By accepting the prize, the winner allows the organizer to use his/her names as well as his/her place of living, in any promotional campaigns ran on the organizer’s website and on any other affiliated supports without giving any right to remuneration other than the given prize.

Organizing Company: F-ONE
The organizing company has the right to shorten, extend, modify, or cancel this contest if exceptional circumstances require so. Its responsibility will thereby not be engaged. It will not be responsible and no action can be engaged in case of force majeure depriving partially or totally the benefit of its gain.
The organizing company reminds the participants of the characteristics and the limits of the internet network, and declines any responsibility related to the consequences of the connection of the participants to this network via https://www.instagram.com.
In particular, the organizing company must not be liable for any material or immaterial damage to participants, their computer’s equipment and stored data, and the consequences that may have on their personal, professional or commercial activity.
The organizing company will not be responsible in case of one or more participants cannot connect to the website https://www.instagram.com because of any technical defect or any problem related to the congestion of the network. The contest is neither organized nor sponsored by Instagram, which incurs no responsibility for its organization and conduct towards the participants, which they recognize and accept expressly. Each participant is able to contact, at any time, the Organizing Company at the following email address contact@f-onekites.com to request the withdrawal of its participation in the contest.

The prize is not subject to any guarantee, it will not be returned or exchanged.

The personal data collected within the framework of the contest, surname, first name, postal address (only for the winner), e-mail address (only for the winner) are collected by: F-ONE, 170 Route de la Foire, ZAC de la Méditerranée, 34470 Pérols, France, for a period of one year and subject to a treatment, under its responsibility, to manage the participations to the Game, to designate the winner, hand over the endowments. The recipients of the personal data are the F-ONE Communication / Marketing department team in charge of the contest. In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the Participants have a right’s access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, a right to object to processing, information concerning them. Anyone justifying his identity may exercise this right by sending his application by post to: F-ONE, 170 Route de la Foire, ZAC de la Méditerranée, 34470 Pérols, France, or electronically at contact@f-onekites.com. The data collected is mandatory. Participants are informed that their registration will not be validated if they oppose the collection of their personal data or request the deletion of their personal data. In any case, these data are not the subject of any communication or transfer to third parties for commercial purposes.


Before any participation, the participants must have read this regulation, and their participation implies the adhesion to the conditions of the present regulation. Any entrant to the contest will be deemed to have accepted these terms in their entirety. Any difficulty arising from the application or interpretation of these regulations, or which is not provided by this regulation, shall be decided by the organizers. Any fraud or attempted fraud in this contest by a participant will result in the elimination of the latter and may lead to prosecution. This regulation is subject to French law. Any difficulties in the interpretation of the present rules and any litigious case will be settled in the last resort by the Organizer or by the competent courts according to the French laws.


Any participant may obtain upon request a refund of the connection fees he has incurred to participate in the game in accordance with the terms of the present rules. The application must be addressed to the address of the game: F-ONE, 170 Route de la Foire, ZAC de la Méditerranée, 34470 Pérols, France. Each shipment must include only one refund request, for a single participant (an envelope: a request for reimbursement). The corresponding stamp will also be refunded, at the current slow rate, for a fold of less than 20 grams on an express request made at the same time as the request for reimbursement of connection fees. Any request for reimbursement of connection fees must be accompanied by the name, first name, email address and address of the participant, the date and time of participation, the title of the game, a Bank Identity Statement, and a copy of the detailed invoice from the Telephone Company or ISP to which he subscribes. Any request, to be taken into account, must imperatively reach in writing at the latest 30 days after the closing of the game, postmark being taken as proof. The refund is limited to one per participant, per component and per day of play. The refund will be made by wire transfer, sent within 60 days of receipt of the application, after verification of the merits of the application. The participant who does not pay a connection fee related to the importance of their communications (holders of a package, cable users, ADSL, fibre …) will not be able to obtain a refund.

In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property, the reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the elements (graphics …) in this contest and the site of F-ONE are strictly prohibited.
All the simple, figurative, semi-figurative, graphic, product names mentioned are trademarks, graphics or product names, designs, registered by their respective owners. Any exploitation of these elements, whatever the mode, is subjected to the respect of the rules protecting intellectual property. The Organizing Company reserves the right to modify the present rules subject to informing the participants by way of announcement on its social networks. These modifications will be considered as amendments to this regulation.