The LINX Bar is our control system. Available in three sizes: 52/45 and 45/38 cm for the 4 lines bar, and 42/35 cm for the 5 lines bar dedicated to freestyle. It allows you to choose the perfect bar for your quiver. The integrated floats house the mechanism to adjust the size of your bar.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Adjustable bar length
  • One line flag out system
  • Manual swivel to untwist your front lines 
  • Kite steering more precise and more durability thanks to the lines
  • 3 leash sizes available: 40 cm, 75 cm, 140 cm

Ref. 77202-0101

Linxbar 10
Mango / Slate
Linxbar 9

Technical Specifications

Through the years, we have improved it and added some great features to create the best connection to your kite. 

The lines are stiff, which makes kite steering more precise. Moreover, elongation through time is reduced which allows riding with a kite always perfectly tuned. In addition, as the lines are stiffer it makes them easier to untangle whilst setting up the kite. 

The Hub is made of aluminum and the F-ONE cleat is hollowed, which allows to have lighter parts for an even more performing bar. 

The 2020 LINX Bar features new colors harmonized with the rest of the range (boards and kites).

Item Size Accessories Included
LINX BAR 4 LINES 2020 52/45 cm Safety leash (M)
45/38 cm

Linxbar 4L - Spare parts

Back Flying Lines (Mango-Slate) Mango-Slate 77202-8020
Front Flying Lines (Top only) Grey 77202-8021
Bottom Front Lines (inc. V-splitter + Spectra loop) Grey 77202-8022
V-Splitter Slate 77202-8023
HUB (inc. Front line Connector) Grey 77902-8006
Life Line Grey 77802-8012
Spectra Loop Slate 77202-8013
Front line EVA Tube (Slate) Steel 77802-8010
F-ONE S.Steel Pulley Grey-Mango 77202-8007
Trim System without F-one Cleat Grey-Mango 77202-8008
Trim System with F-one Cleat- (inc.S.Steel Pulley) Grey-Mango 77202-8009
F-ONE Cleat for trim system Steel-Slate 77202-8009
Push Away Quick Release Slate-Raspberry 77202-8001
Life Line Ring (inc. swivel) Steel 77802-8005
52/45cm naked bar (inc. Floats) (Mango-Slate) Mango-Slate 77202-8014
45/38cm naked bar (inc. Floats) (Mango-Slate) Mango-Slate 77202-8015
Bar-end Insert (Mango) inc. spectra line + webbing Mango 77202-8017
Bar-end Insert (Slate) inc. spectra line + webbing Slate 77202-8016
Leader Lines (Mango-Slate) Mango-Slate 77202-8018
Bar Bag (without sizes print) (Slate-Mango) Slate-Mango 77202-8035
Safety Leash – Short (40 cm) Slate-Raspberry 77202-8003
Safety Leash – Medium (75 cm)- provided with LINX BAR 4L Slate-Raspberry 77202-8003
Safety Leash – Long (140 cm)- provided with LINX BAR 5L Slate-Raspberry 77202-8003
Extension Lines 15 cm (pair) Grey 77902-8019
Bungee for float (Mango) Mango 77202-8024
Bungee for float (Slate) Slate 77202-8025
18,6m Line kit (21m setting) Mango-Slate-Grey 77202-8026
21,8m Line kit (24m setting) Mango-Slate-Grey 77202-8027
21,8m Complete Line Set (24m setting) Mango-Slate-Grey 77202-8028
LINXBAR 4L 52/45cm 21m 2020 complete 77202-8029
LINXBAR 4L 52/45cm 24m 2020 complete 77202-0101
LINXBAR 4L 45/38cm 21m 2020 complete 77202-8030
LINXBAR 4L 45/38cm 24m 2020 complete 77202-0101
Extension Lines set 2m (4 Lines) 77202-8031
Extension Lines set 3m (4 Lines) 77202-8032
Extension Lines set 4m (4 Lines) 77202-8033
Extension Lines set 6m (4 Lines) 77202-8034
Pigtail Connector (in kite Bridles) Red / Grey / Slate


  • LINX BAR 4L_2020

3D view