• Ultra Fast Turning
  • Super powered kiteloops
  • Direct and responsive steering response
  • Total control
  • Dedicated to Strong wind addicts
  • 3 struts

Ref. 77201-0901

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Big Air

Technical Specifications

Are you ready to commit?

Discover the BULLIT, the latest weapon to send it and win megaloop competitions.
Adrenaline junkies, the BULLIT will give you what you need and open the Big Air’s world doors.

The BULLIT’s main focus is on strong winds. In order to create the ideal kite for it, we have worked on 3 points.

  • Control: we have been focusing on a perfect control when you are overpowered from the start of the jump by loading up your kite, to the smooth landing. During the jump, you don’t need to look at your kite thanks to the constant feedback of the kite. This bar feeling reinforces the control and gives you the precision you need whilst riding.
    Very well balanced, the BULLIT is surprising in the middle wind range as it offers very little lateral pull, you can always control its speed and maintain your upwind direction. Its handling is inspired by the BANDIT 2020 and the BULLIT reacts quickly and without downtime thanks to the direct steering so that you feel confident and ready to load your kite to take off.
  • Hangtime: Big Air is nothing if your kite doesn’t give you a good hangtime. The BULLIT has the ability to give you a good kick and deliver more hangtime after your kiteloop. Never before has a kite given you such adrenaline in your blood.
  • Kiteloops: with the BULLIT, you have the choice of the loop!
    – The classic kiteloop: it needs to be fast, safe and with a soft landing, the BULLIT offers a very good recovery.
    If you send the loop during the jump in strong wind, the BULLIT will give you a fantastic lift and it’s an amazing feeling.
    – The megaloop: the BULLIT will rotate lower in the window and pull you horizontally. The BULLIT offers a wider pulling radius, without downtime. A large linear pull is maintained from the beginning of the jump to the soft landing, making all the difference!

It is thanks to this perfect loop that you will be able to combine a rotation or a board off. Your megaloop will be more committed but also safer!


Together with Robert Graham, our designer, we were excited to create a megaloop kite. It’s exciting to imagine the specifications and understand the needs of a rider like Liam Whaley who wants to win the KOTA. We designed the BULLIT, not only to be on the podiums, but also to offer Big Air sensations to the largest number of riders.
We didn’t start from a blank page because the BULLIT is the result of our BANDIT’s experience. We were able to free ourselves from the constraint of the low wind range for a BULLIT that requires quite some power. We have therefore been able to work on new profiles, an outline with a higher aspect ratio that performs incredibly well in strong winds, ultra-stable with wider and squarer wings.

It borrows a bit of the shape and feel of the WTF!? with a big touch of BANDIT 2020 for a strong character. Commitment is the BULLIT’s key word for a new weapon loaded with adrenaline. It’s simply the kite that will make you send it with sizes adapted to this very specific discipline: 8 – 9 – 10m².

“The need to ride in boots and straps for Big Air’s competitions pushed me to develop a BULLIT that would make me able to reach the sky whilst giving commitment in the kiteloops” – Paul Serin

Finally, all our kites are “plug and play” and the BULLIT is no exception to this rule. Connect your lines and it’s up to you. No unnecessary adjustments, the fun is direct, no questions asked.

The BULLIT offers a new standard for those who want to push their limits in Big Air. Take a step up and send some megaloops, don’t forget a little late back in between, you’re not up there to admire the scenery!


SIZE (m2) 8 9 10
WIND RANGE (knts) 22 + 17 + 14 +


  • KITES_4L 2020
  • LINX BAR 4L_2020
  • KITES 4 L

3D view