The ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND is a fantastic SUP board to surf, fly above the ocean swell, and experience wonderful sensations of glide at each downwinders.

  • Stable and accessible
  • Impressive glide downwind and surf
  • Intuitive control and maneuverability
  • Stiff and light construction

Ref. 77228-0701

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Technical Specifications

The shape of this new board is the perfect combination of our previous SUP foil boards, the ROCKET SUP and the ROCKET DW PRO. By preserving their top qualities, our R&D team created a compact, responsive, and accessible board that is just as perfect for catching waves, surfing and gaining speed, as it is for downwinders. Simultaneously, this new board provides effortless paddling and gliding capabilities.

Short and narrow but still very stable thanks to the parallel outline, this balanced board allows you to keep the same stance as you paddle for take-off or during flight. It is also super maneuverable in the waves. Coming down under the 7’0 length is a fantastic step when foiling and brings you closer to the surf foil feel.

The ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND’s volume distribution and overall design are ideal for SUP foiling. The board features a compact shape with moderate beam and some straight bottom lines to help the rider get up to speed for take-off. The domed nose with the high-rail design further helps getting some momentum for easy starts when in the bumps. The beveled rails reduce the drag and help steady the board during occasional touchdowns. Coupled with the wide outline at both ends, these characteristics all ensure overall stability throughout.

Additionally, the board has a deep concave cockpit-like deck that lowers your center of gravity and brings you closer to the foil, leading to excellent control of the board in-flight. Finally, the stiff and light Full Bamboo construction makes the board bulletproof, and the Double Bamboo deck helps create a highly resistant and light shell all-around.

The ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND is available in four sizes: 5’10 (90L), 6’2 (105L), 6’4 (120L) and 6’6 (140L) and is accessible to any skill levels. Experienced riders below 70 kg are advised to opt for the 5’10 while heavier riders will benefit from the extra volume of the 6’2 / 105L for example. The bigger boards are also a perfect option for newcomers aiming to get more serious about downwind foiling.

* Downwinding requires physical preparation, proper security devices (ie. leash, flashlight, safety vest), and assistance at sea. Please do not attempt any downwinders alone nor without proper training.

5’10 178 x 59,7 x 13,5 cm 5’10 x 23.5″ x 5.3″ 90 L 6.1
6’2 188 x 63 x 14 cm 6’2 x 24.8″ x 5.5″ 105 L 6.7
6’4 193 x 66 x 14,7 cm 6’4 x 26″ x 5.8″ 120 L 7.5
6’6 198 x 70,6 x 15,7 cm 6’6 x 27.8″ x 6.2″ 140 L 8.1