Fernando Novaes 8
Nationality : Brazilian
Currently living in : Santos, São Paulo, Brazil.
Date of birth : 24 August 1983
Discipline : Surf foil, Wing foil
Favorite spot : Porta do Sol (home), Chicama, Ilhabela
Favorite move : Glide at top speed on a hydrofoil
Major accomplishements

My family and my beautiful daughters.

Finishing first at the Brazilian foil champ, and being a Brazilian surf foil pioneer.

Breathe slow and consciously, be present, enjoy every second of life.

One sentence about the products that you are using.

The PHANTOM foils are amazing. It feels just like you’re surfing on a shortboard.

How did you get into surf foiling?

Being around the ocean since I was born and surfing since eight years old, I’ve gone through all sorts of board riding, from shortboards to SUP and alaias. But I was looking for something different and faster to enjoy the ocean with less effort and more fun.  I first tried foiling around 2016 on a SUP foil.  Hydrofoils and their endless possibilities changed everything. No more sitting outside and waiting for sets; now I can catch any ripple that comes by,  pump back out and surf as many waves as my body can handle!

What do you do before getting in the water?

Hydrate, listen to good music,  get psyched.

Tell us about your best surf foil memory

A 6-minute wave in Chicama, Peru. It really took me to a different state of mind. I foiled from La Punta all the way to the pier.

Your worst wipeout? 

Got hit by my own board on my right eye. Big cut on my eyelid. 12 stitches and almost went blind.

Who you would like to say thank you to?

My family, my wife, the F-ONE family and everyone that supports and encourages me to do what I love.

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