Ismail Adarzane 8
Nationality : Moroccan
Currently living in : Essaouira, Morocco
Date of birth : 28 November 1988
Discipline : Wave Riding & Strapless Freestyle
Favorite spot : Sidi Kaouki
Favorite move : Front Shove-it
Inspirations : Mitu Monteiro
Major accomplishements

2014 French champion, getting married & being a Dad

Set your goals and work hard for it !

One sentence about the products that you are using
I love the BANDIT, I love how it is smooth and how it reacts whenever I’m surfing or I’m freestyling, I can easily say it’s the best kite on the market.

How did you get into kiteboarding?
Growing up surfing in the wind city of Essaouira was pretty hard not to get addicted to kiteboarding. It all started from watching some local boys going kiting back in the days. Watching them jumping and flying gave me so much desire to try it. At that time I did not have that much money, so I just motivated my older brother who was surfing already to buy some equipment, and we learned all together, and since then I’ve never gave up.

What do you do before getting in the water?
Good music to put me on shred mood and Warming up

Tell us about your best kiting / SUPing / Surfing memory
There are too many best sessions out there. The best ones for me are when I’m out in the dark no matter if the sun comes up or down. There is something special I can’t explain.

Your worst wipeout?
Stand up paddling in a real 3 m size waves and my leash broke … I was alone out on the lineup, and pretty far from the beach. That day I’ll always remember, I was almost going to die. I remember waiting for a wave and a huge set came from nowhere. I passed the first one, then I had to dive and under water I felt my leash broke, I came out and saw even bigger ones behind me. I got them all on my head and I had to paddle out in a strong current, I couldn’t breathe in the end. Once on the beach, I thanked God so much.

Who you would like to say thank you to?
F-ONE family to believe in me and to give me the opportunity to chase my dreams and being one of the top riders, and to my wife for her support and dedication to help me do what I love and get better.

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