Jack Ho 6
Nationality : American, Japanese, Chinese
Currently living in : Waikiki, Hawaii, USA
Date of birth : 26 February 2005
Discipline : Downwind and surf foiling
Favorite spot : Waikiki, North Shore on Oahu, Hood River Gorge, the Open Ocean
Favorite move : Frontside 360
Inspirations : All my friends who continue to push the limit!
Major accomplishements

2022 Kalapaki “Foilers of Aloha” Contest Champion
2022 Runner up of the Maui 2 Molokai race 

How did you get into surf foiling and downwinding?
I started in 2018 at age 13. I saw other people foiling at my local surf spot, so I wanted to give it a try. My dad bought me a $600 set-up from the local surf shop and from there, it took off! My passion and interest continued to grow, and it will forever fuel my drive to be the best I can in the ocean.

What do you do before getting in the water? 
Eat some food, drink some water and either listen to music or talk with my friends.

Tell us about your best memory on the water.
Some of my best memories come from when my friends and I are miles off the coast doing downwinders. We are all riding wind swells, laughing and screaming with joy, and sharing a good time! It is one of the best feelings!

Worst wipeout? 
Sunset Beach. I was surfing and bailed to swim under a 15-footer. When I came up, there were three more of the same size waves. I ended up bouncing off the reef and breaking my leash.

Who would you like to say thank you to? 
Shoutout to my parents and all the people who have helped me growing up. Here in Hawaii, everyone is a family, so we all support each other regardless of if you are related by blood or not. I love my friends too. They help me be the best version of myself in and out of the water.

A few words on your F-ONE quiver.
The 690 EAGLE is probably my favorite. It is an incredible all-around foil for both surf foil and downwind conditions. The speed and flow combined is unmatched.