Marcela Witt 18
Nationality : Brazilian
Currently living in : On the road
Date of birth : 24 November 1990
Discipline : Kitewave / Strapless freestyle
Favorite spot : Cloudbreak for waves, north Brazil for freestyle strapless
Favorite move : Front roll one foot
Inspirations : Stephanie Gilmore, Keala Kennelly, Emily Erickson, Jalou Langeree
Major accomplishements

First woman to kite in Antartica
First Woman to kite in Big Nazaré
Brazilian Champion – Strapless Freestyle
3rd place in Prea, Brazil/GKA 2019

"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it." - Albert Schweitzer

One sentence about the products that you are using
The bandit is fast, smooth and feel super light on my hands, perfect for waves and strapless freestyle.

How did you get into kiteboarding?
As long as I can remember I’m in the water, the ocean is my home, it’s the place i feel good, safe and free.
I started surfing when I was a little kid, I remember that my parents went to the beach to windsurf and pushed me in waves before the wind start to blow, since that time I never stopped and I fell in love more and more.
I started kitesurfing when I was 14 and it was love since the first time! The sport was still super new in Rio de Janeiro and there were not many people my age doing it, my father and grandfather already knew how to kite, so they taught me and I never stop!
I’m always happy when I’m in the water, travel the world searching for places to kite is a dream come true!

What do you do before getting in the water?
Watch the ocean to understand the conditions and choose what I’m going to ride.

Tell us about your best kiting memory
I will never forget my first long distance downwind cruising the north coast of Brazil. There the clock works differently and the priorities and desires are different as well. Sometimes it’s like a meditation, my head empties and I feel totally complete, sometimes I start to think about life and how good is live these moments.
Watch the sunset from the water after hours of downwind is so energized and feels like I’m recharging for the next day of adventure.

Your worst wipeout?
My worst wipeout wasn’t on a wave, it was riding in Antarctica. I crashed and I got so much freezing water inside my wetsuit that I couldn’t breathe properly. The rescue took some minutes to save me and I went first stage of hypothermia.

Who you would like to say thank you to?
I would like to thank my family to support me since the beginning.

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