How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 40

The stabilizer is especially important in your foil setup as it undoubtedly influences the behavior of the entire foil. Simply changing it while keeping the same front wing can boost your ride and bring about completely different sensations and performances, as if you were riding on another setup.

Consequently, we built our entire hydrofoil range so each stab and each front wings have a balanced behavior, and so that you can ride with the best possible combo. 

Here is our guide to help you choose your F-ONE stabilizer. Just like when it comes to choosing your front wing, your decision will vary depending on your skill level, your weight, the conditions, and your chosen program.

Stabilizer reviews

Overall, choosing the right stab truly depends on what you are looking to do. We currently offer several different stabs, suited for many foiling disciplines, programs, skill levels and conditions.

In general, stabs with a bigger surface area will bring more stability and accessibility. The smaller ones produce less induced drag and are more efficient, thus leading to more speed, glide, and maneuverability for turns.


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Wing foil & Surf foil

For wing foiling and surf foiling, our range includes several stabilizers, ranging from 300cm² to 195cm² in surface area, and three different constructions.

Beginners will want to look at the C275 and R275 or IC6 300 stabilizers.
The C250 stabs will suit intermediate riders while the C200, C195 and DW210 will be ideal for more advanced foilers.



C275 SURF & R275 SURF

The C275 SURF in pre-preg carbon and the R275 SURF built with the RTM technology, are accessible as well and extremely stable. They offer great planing starts, keeps you flying even at low speed, and let you to stay in full control as you learn to foil or to wing foil.

IC6 300

The IC6 300 stabilizer is equipped with generous winglets, making it highly accessible and offering huge stability and control in both yaw and pitch.



The C250 SURF HM and the C250 FENCE HM are incredibly versatile. They allow you to gain a bit more speed and to easily connect waves. The latter is equipped with fences on the wingtips, increasing maneuverability and stability while upwind or in yaw.

DW 210 HM

Our DW 210 HM was built for downwinds. Its high aspect ratio of 8.8 will offer incredible glide at high speeds, efficient pumping, and will help you stay up and flying above the bumps endlessly.


The new C200 CARVING is designed for high speed carving on any waves, and increases the maneuverability of the entire plane. Its aspect ratio of 6.8 and thin profile bring a significant speed and glide potential to each of your sessions.

Our new C195 SURF stab has an AR of 5.8 and a thicker profile, providing the perfect amount of speed control and allowing tight turns in the pocket. Bringing impressive maneuverability and a snappy feeling, this stab is great for small or short-period waves.


The monobloc construction improves stiffness and reduces turbulence by eliminating connections and providing a more streamlined design. This premium connection will make any foil more playful, more stable, and faster. The monobloc also removes two screws: you’ll be on the water faster!

  • Aspect ratio: 8.8
  • Two sizes: XXXS 190cm² and XXS 210cm²
  • Made for high speeds, long downwinds and strong conditions
  • Monobloc construction for better stiffness and reduced turbulences


With a thin profile and higher aspect ratio, this Carving range is the way to go if you need speed and maneuverability. Using the XXXS 160cm², XXXS 180cm², or XXS 200cm² Monobloc Tails will provide a looser, more snappy feeling, as well as a faster pumping pace.

  • Aspect ratio: 6.8
  • Three sizes: XXXS 160cm², XXXS 180cm² and XXS 200cm²
  • Maneuverability, speed, fast pumping and a looser, more snappy feeling
  • Monobloc construction for better stiffness and reduced turbulences



Both have anhedral wing shapes that help the entire plane stay underwater and delay breaching to not miss any waves. Coupled with the fences on the wingtips, they bring outstanding control and maneuverability.

Stabilizers range & programs


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 54

Recs & stabs

Most of our stabilizers work with a few front wings. Here are our recommendations to get the best combo possible for all your foiling sessions


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 53


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Kite foil

We offer two stabilizers for kite foiling.

IC6 300

The IC6 300 stab is also great for kite foil beginners.
Its generous winglets make it highly accessible and offer huge stability and control in both yaw and pitch.


The  C220 SURF is dedicated to our MIRAGE front wing. Easy to turn and roll from rail to rail, it is a perfect fit for all the carving lovers who will enjoy its maneuverability. It provides a friction-free feel when riding and allows for nice accelerations. Constant balance (front/back) is maintained at all speeds, which always means more control.

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We offer three types of constructions on our stabilizers: Carbon (pre-preg and High Modulus), RTM, and Injected Carbon.


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 31

All our carbon stabilizers are made from pre-preg, which makes them incredibly strong and stiff.


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 43


Some of our stabs, like the DW210 or the C250s, have an added layup of High Modulus Carbon fiber that leads to even more stiffness in both bending and torsion while keeping enough comfort for any kind of practice.


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 44

The Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology uses a closed mold to produce accurate composite parts. The resin is injected in the mold after it is closed, with the dry fiber having been placed inside beforehand. That process allows for great shape accuracy. It is also a faster production process which uses more affordable raw materials, leading to a product with a great value for money.  The stabs are strong and responsive, providing a sharp feel on the water.

How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 45

The IC6 300 is built with the Injected Carbon Technology, consisting of an injected polymer reinforced with carbon fibers. It is an even faster production process using recycled raw materials, leading to a product with a great value for money.
This makes the stab resistant and durable.


How to choose your F-ONE stab ? 46


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All in all, upgrading your stab first is the best way to gain performance, speed, glide, turn radius or stability, depending on the conditions or chosen program.
Obviously, the stab’s choice needs to stay coherent with the rider’s level and intentions, as not all will match with all front wings.

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