The C275 SURF stab is specifically designed for carving and pumping. Its flatter arch shape delivers high efficiency while pumping to connect more waves. Its shape and smaller area ensure sharp turns and more speed with a very loose feeling, closer to that of a shortboard. It is a high-performance stab that suits the GRAVITY CARBON range as well as the PHANTOM CARBON 1280, 1480 and 1780.

  • Efficient pumping
  • Sharp turns
  • Loose feeling

Built in pre-preg carbon and designed to be securely mounted on F-ONE fuselages, its profile and angle of incidence were tuned to achieve a very intuitive balance.

Ref. 77207-0306


Technical Specifications

Surface: 275 cm²
Span: 38 cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.85
Weight: 0.20 kg