Nationality : American
Currently living in : Waikiki, Hawaii
Date of birth : 2 March 1989
Discipline : Downwind foil, SUP foil, surf foil
Favorite spot : Hawaii Kai Downwind Run
Favorite move : A nice roundhouse carve, speed and flow
Major accomplishements

Starting Voyager Foiler, a growing downwind community in Hawaii.

Spending many hours in the ocean canoe paddling, surfing and on foil.

Working as a Rescue Jet ski Lifeguard.

“Always stay humble and eager to learn. Never quit.”

How did you get into foiling and downwinding? 

I borrowed my friend’s foil board out of curiosity and quickly became addicted to learning and improving. After spending time in the surf and progressing, we started to explore downwind, where I found my main passion in foiling. Then I started “Voyager Foiler”, a growing downwind community in Hawaii. I now spend many hours in the ocean canoe paddling, surfing, or on a foil.


What do you do before getting in the water? 

Stretch, hydrate, and listen to good music.


Tell us about your best foiling memory. 

There are too many! As of today, completing an island-to-island channel crossing race from Maui to Molokai. We will be doing the infamous and prestigious Molokai to Oahu this summer, so that should be a great one too.


Worst wipeout? 

My back leg and knee wearing down from all the pumping. I had to rest for several months and strengthen it!


Who would you like to say thank you to? 

All my friends who I downwind with continually. It’s amazing to be part of an enthusiastic and growing community, where we continue to learn all kinds of things together. Thank you to F-ONE for your support and for recognizing that downwinding is a valuable sector of the foil sports. And of course, thank you to my wife for supporting me, driving us to do runs, and helping with so much along the way.


A few words on your F-ONE quiver.

EAGLE 990 and Monobloc Tail DW  XXXS 190. For my size, it’s a perfect downwinding wing. Its fast, smooth, and efficient, and it likes to hold its top speed which helps me chase and go up and over bumps.

What's Up ?