With a focus on innovation and extensive R&D, F-ONE offers a comprehensive range of foil boards tailored to every rider’s needs, from beginner-friendly designs to specific models for advanced riders and specialists. Each board embodies our commitment to excellence in both craftsmanship and functionality, ensuring an unparalleled experience on the water.

For this foil board range, the R&D team has worked extensively on each board’s shape and focused on finding the perfect balance between volume and size. A board needs just enough volume to float, but not too much so it doesn’t hamper the take-off, turning abilities, speed, and overall session.

Here is our guide to help you choose your F-ONE foil board. It is important to keep in mind that your decision depends on your skill level, your weight, your usual riding conditions, and your chosen program.

Range Presentation


We built this board range with accessibility and performance in mind. We listened to the feedback and demands of our team of pro riders yet simultaneously aimed to offer incredible boards for anyone addicted to foiling.

Our range of foil boards continues to expand over the years and to be refined as the requirements of each sport evolve. Overall, our boards are thinner than most on the market for equal volumes to get the best feel for your foil in every session. We also want riders to be able to take-off easily, and to have minimal drag while in the air for more speed and control.

As a rule of thumb for wing foiling, your weight and level determine which volume is best for you. These guidelines can steer you in the right direction:





Beginner: Weight + 40L. For example, if you weight 70kg and want to learn the sport, then you may want to go for a ROCKET WING ASC 110L or ROCKET WING bamboo 105L. In general, beginners should look at boards with a volume of 100L and above.

Intermediate: Weight = Volume. Once you have a good handle on your wing and foil, the volume of your board can roughly match your weight. If you’re 60kg, then most of our ROCKET WING board range will fit your needs, depending on your program and what construction you choose. These boards will bring confidence and control, and will allow you to continuously improve.

Advanced: Weight – 15L on. As you improve, reducing the volume of your board gives you more maneuverability, responsiveness, and speed. The sky is the limit.



The guidelines to pick the right volume for your ROCKET MIDLENGTH are close to what we would recommend for our ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND PRO range.

Rocket Midlength

-Beginner: Weight + ~40 L

For example, if you weight 80kg and want to learn the sport with a ROCKET MIDLENGTH, then you may want to go for the 6’2 board of 120L.

-Intermediate: Weight + ~25 L

Once you have a good handle on your wing and foil, or are already confident in wing foiling, you can go for a lower volume.

-Advanced: Weight + ~15 L

Board Overview & Programs



Our wing foil board range includes a wide variety of options, with six models and three different constructions to choose from.

Rocket Wing and Rocket Wing Carbon

Specifically designed to meet the needs of this sport, the ROCKET WING boards are durable, user-friendly, and extremely intuitive. They are the boards with the most area for a given length, thus providing a better balance when you’re on the water. The carbon construction of the ROCKET WING CARBON makes it a great freestyle board as well.

If you’re looking for a compact and stable board that has you covered in freeride and freestyle, the ROCKET WING is for you.

Rocket Wing-S and Rocket Wing-S Carbon

The ROCKET WING-S and ROCKET WING-S CARBON are the best choice for wing foiling in the waves. If you like to cruise, surf, or jump, don’t be afraid to go for these boards and their lower volume. Their specific, surf-type shape and the well-balanced, refined volume distribution lead to easy take-offs, less drag in the air, and a lot of control in flight.

Rocket Wing ASC

The intuitive ROCKET WING ASC is ideal for all stages of wing foil progression, and will provide stability from side to side, impressive responsiveness, and an easy and smooth transition into flight. It is virtually the most durable and accessible foil board of our range.

Rocket Midlength

Representing a pragmatic evolution in our foil board range, the new ROCKET MIDLENGTH boards combine the efficiency and glide of our SUP downwind boards with the stability and ease of our wing foil boards. These boards were designed to offer a super quick and easy take-off, enhanced maneuverability, and optimal stability.

They will be the best choice for riders who want to take-off as fast as possible especially in light wind conditions, those who want to ride with a smaller wing, or for those looking for a one-board quiver.


Rocket Surf

Specifically designed for surf foiling, the ROCKET SURF has a compact and narrow design that will guarantee that you can ride, take-off, pump or carve with maximum control throughout the entire ride, and that will allow you to catch waves with ease.

Rocket Sup DW Pro

The ROCKET SUP DW PRO was designed to minimize drag and to promote early and efficient take-offs in any conditions, whether it’s flat waters, big open ocean bumps, or light wind wing sessions. Available in either bamboo or carbon construction, this board will let you experience the pure stoke and freedom of downwinders.

Learn more about “How to choose your Rocket SUP DW Pro

Wing & Surf Foil boards Construction & Technologies

Our foil boards are available in four constructions: Bamboo Deck, Full Bamboo, HD Foam Carbon Composite, and ASC.




The Bamboo Deck and Full Bamboo constructions use natural properties of bamboo veneers placed between fiberglass layers to create a strong, durable, light shell for the board. The ultra-light Bamboo Deck construction uses only a layer of bamboo on the deck, while the Full Bamboo construction features bamboo on the entire board.





Some boards are also equipped with an extra layer of bamboo (Double Bamboo Deck) in the stance area to make the deck even more resistant to local heel pressures and dings.



Wing foil boards constructed with the HD Foam Carbon Composite are fantastic for freestyling.




Finally, the Air Shield Composite (ASC) boards are constructed around a lightweight injected EPS core molded to our original shape. It is laminated with a composite made of high-strength glass fiber, epoxy resin and a shield made of a high-quality protective top sheet layer. The ASC boards are responsive and extremely durable.


Bamboo, or Carbon ?

Choosing between full bamboo or carbon may seem tricky. The weight difference between the two isn’t huge, as we only used carbon to gain strength. Indeed, it was necessary for us to offer carbon boards as riders are pushing their limits more than ever before. Naturally, the carbon construction is ultimately lighter than the bamboo construction, which could be what some look for in a board.

In terms of disciplines, if you don’t jump high and are more into freeriding and surfing, then the bamboo boards will be more than a great fit. If you know you’re going to jump or do some harder landings, or simply if you’re looking for a board as light as possible, then you need to go for carbon.

How to choose your foil board ? 47

ASC vs Bamboo

Thanks to its state-of-the-art ASC construction, the ROCKET WING ASC board is as durable as it gets but is a bit heavier than a standard ROCKET WING. This is due to the transparent top sheet added on our ASC boards, which brings strength and makes them incredibly resistant to dings and scratches.

How to choose your foil board ? 46



The POCKET is a versatile, light, and easy-to-handle board with great carving potential and a bulletproof construction.

Pocket Carbon

Lightweight and tough, the POCKET CARBON is stiffer thanks to its carbon construction, and is perfect for freeride and freestyle sessions.

Pocket Carbon Custom

The POCKET CARBON CUSTOM benefits from a bit more volume than its regular carbon counterpart. This board is incredibly responsive, light, rigid, and made for carving and freestyle. The added volume also brings more buoyancy, which makes it an ideal board for freshwater sessions as well.

Pro Race Carbon

Finally, the PRO RACE CARBON is our competition-shape board dedicated to kite foil racing.

Kite foil construction & technologies

We have four different constructions on our kite foil boards: SLIM Tech, SLIM Tech Carbon, SLIM Tech Carbon Custom, and the HD Foam Carbon Composite.


How to choose your foil board ? 22


The SLIM Tech process uses a high-strength PU foam core material, a glass fiber layup and protective top / bottom sheet layers for a bulletproof construction.



The SLIM Tech Carbon uses a CNC-shaped PVC foam core combined with a carbon layup.




The SLIM Tech Carbon Custom is the latest addition to this range and comes from our MAGNET CARBON kite boards. This process uses a CNC-shaped PVC foam core wrapped entirely by a carbon fiber skin. All the skin layers are then carefully laid and vacuum bagged for maximum fiber efficiency and impressive stiffness.




The HD Foam Carbon Composite uses a CNC-shaped EPS foam core and a sandwich layup (high-density foam + glass and carbon fiber). It allows the board to be lightweight and strong, as well as tougher to heel pressures and dings.



How to choose your F-ONE foilboard ? 3

Ultimately, our foil board collection is extremely complete and wide-ranging. Choosing the right foil board is just as important as choosing the most suitable hydrofoil or wing for your skill level and program. From kite foiling to wing foiling, surfing and downwinding, our variety of shapes, sizes and constructions will suit all your needs.

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